Programs and Services

Mutual Respect Diversity - "At the end of the day, employees want to be respected, appreciated and rewarded for their contributions" Don Carter, CgI. This program focuses on the diversity of our relationships while engaging each employee in processes designed to encourage greater teamwork and improved productivity.

Leadership and Management Development Training - Designed to reinforce the skills necessary for next level of leadership for supervisors, managers and employees within your organization.

Effective Customer Service Training Programs - Make maximum impact upon your customers; understand telephone etiquette, handling irate calls, and how to leave the customer with a greatl experience.

Custom Developed Programs - Customized development of training for your organization that provides maximum impact and results. Our processes are results based!

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Awards - We have registered with the Texas State Board to meet the requirements of the continuing professional education rules covering maintenance of attendance records, retention of program outlines, qualifications of instructors, program content, physical facilities and length of class hours.

Workshop Topics

Resume Tips and Tricks - 

  • Creating a branding statement, plus key words
  • Formats: chronological or skill-based/functional format, depending on past jobs and Industry preference
  • Translating your Skills
  • How to write accomplishment statement

Interviewing Techniques - Being The One Who MOVES ON!!

  • Practice a 2 minute pitch
  • What will you say in an interview when they ask how much money you made?
  • Can you answer tell me about yourself correctly?
  • The Question Behind The Question (How to answer those)
  • How to appear as a problem-solver instead of just a job seeker/supplicant

Netwroking For Your New Job

  • First step is to understand how to network
  • Realizing your own personal network and maximizing its potential
  • Developing your sales pitch or 30-second commercial specifically for networking
  • Do’s and Don’ts of face to face and internet networking (linked in and social networking)

Social Networking

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Social Networking
  • How to effectively develop a successful profile on (linked in and Facebook and twitter)
  • What to do from there how to create successful contacts in social networking

Managing Time Effectively During the Job Search

  • Time Matters – using it effectively
  • Understanding employer’s decision making timeline
  • How to best manage time during times of anxiety
  • Time does not wait! So now what?
  • Strategies to use 24 hrs. effectively during the job search process
  • How to keep order with family and friends during the job search
  • Developing effective habits of time management for success

What Others Are Saying

"Workshop went very quickly and not boring! Don did a great job keeping things moving and exciting"..."Good! Actually enjoyed the class." "The instructor made the workshop fun..."

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"The instructor (Don) knew what he was doing and kept everyone's attention through the class"... "Excellent facilitator, very clear and concise." "Kept the sessions very interesting."

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"Don was an engaging instructor whose methodology of coaching resulted in raising the group's esteem and enthusiasm. Thru Don's workshop, I'm walking away with a more.. 

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"I was very impressed with his knowledge and caring attitude. I wish he could've taught longer. Where ever his next location is, I wish I could be there."

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